SUV rollover accidents are very dangerous. When an SUV has rolled, landing on its side, or has turned upside down, there is a greater chance the injuries will be quite severe and in some cases there are even fatalities. The Krause Law Firm litigate Atlanta SUV rollover accident cases. We represent drivers and passengers who have been injured and want to assert their rights to seek compensation for the negligent actions of vehicle manufacturers.

Causes of SUV Rollover Accidents

Design defects are a major problem for SUVs. There is a high probability an SUV will roll over and cause serious injuries because they are designed in a manner that makes it difficult to maintain control of the vehicle. Driving an SUV during adverse weather conditions, at a high speed, or while making sharp turns are the types of incidents that lead to rollover accidents. The design flaws that contribute to the high SUV rollover rates are:

  • Narrow wheel track
  • High center of gravity
  • Weight of the vehicle
  • Weak roof structure and supports
  • Defective seat belts
  • Defective tires

SUV Rollover Injuries

Many SUVs are not designed to withstand major impacts and force. Even if a design defect did not cause the accident, it may make injuries even worse. When people suffer catastrophic injuries in an SUV rollover accident, it has a drastic affect on their lives. In some situations, injured motorists need extensive medical treatment, their quality of life has substantially decreased, and they are not able to return to work for a long period of time. Common injuries in SUV rollover accidents are:

SUV Lawsuits

We strongly believe in protecting the rights of motorists and passengers. It is important to pursue lawsuits against negligent SUV manufacturers in order to help our clients receive compensation for their injuries, as well as their pain and suffering. We use our resources and expertise to handle various SUV accident cases such as:

  • Roof crush
  • Side impact rollover accidents
  • 15 passenger van accidents
  • Fuel fed fires

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