When a manufacturer creates and distributes a defective product that seriously injures or kills a person, it is liable for its actions. If a person dies due to a defective product or a manufacturer’s negligence, the person’s family has the right to file a wrongful death claim. The Krause Law Firm are experienced personal injury attorneys who handle product liability wrongful death cases. We are committed to helping family members get compensation for their loss after a loved one died as a result of using a defective product. We possess the resources and experienced legal team needed to handle challenging product liability wrongful death cases.

Manufacturer Negligence

A manufacturer is negligent if it does not use ordinary care while designing and creating a product. When that lack of reasonable care results in a person dying, the family of the deceased person is eligible to receive payment for the negligent manufacturer’s wrongdoing. Negligent acts committed by manufacturers include:

  • Defective product design
  • Improper procedures used while creating the product
  • Product is not adequately tested and inspected for safety

Strict Product Liability

Manufacturers have a responsibility to create safe products for consumers. In strict liability cases, the manufacturer can be held liable for a person’s death even if there was no negligence in the design or creation of the product. It only needs to be proven that the product is defective. Under strict liability laws, the following elements must exist:

  • The product was not suited for its intended use
  • The product’s condition was not suitable for marketing or selling
  • The product was the cause of the person’s injuries or death

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