The right to file a claim for wrongful death was specifically created under the Georgia Wrongful Death Act, O.C.G.A. § 51-4-1. The purpose of the law is to “Strike at the evil ofthe negligent destruction of human life, by imposing liability upon those who are responsible. Western & C. R. Co. v. Michael, 175 Ga. 1 (Georgia Supreme Court, 1932).

There is no limitation for the type of situation in which a wrongful death claim could occur.

The most common involve: (1) motor vehicle collisions, where a truck, car, motorcycle runs into either another vehicle, or with someone walking, jogging or riding a bicycle; (2) injury at work, most of the time in a construction zone; (3) medical malpractice, regardless if it occurs in a hospital, clinic, office or pharmacy; (4) criminal activity; and (5) during recreational activities, most often involving sometime of water, pools, lakes or ocean.

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