Documents to bring to your wrongful death attorney


Use this checklist of documents to bring to your attorney

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Autopsy report
  3. Police reports
  4. EMS Reports
  5. Any pictures of the incident or pictures immediately after the incident.
  6. List of all medical providers that provided care immediate before and after the bad event
  7. In medical malpractice cases, all relevant medical records, including records from the likely defendant and all subsequent medical care.
  8. All medical bills for medical treatment of decedent after the bad event (all cases).
  9. Funeral costs and bills.
  10. Pictures of loved one, surrounded by friends and family.
  11. At least two, but ideally four, years of tax returns, as well as the supporting documentation of 1099’s and W-2’s.
  12. Also, current resume of decedent.
  13. Marriage licenses, birth certificates and where appropriate, divorce decrees.
  14. Will

Some documents only apply to specific cases.

You should not delay in meeting with an attorney even if you do not have all of these documents. If a suit is filed, you will eventually need to bring in all of these documents or specify that such documents are not available.