Shooting In Gwinnett County Over a Football Game

Crime Victims

In Gwinnett County last Saturday night, a dispute over a football game turned deadly, and 30-year-old Corey Adams was shot outside an Applebees. Adams and a friend were at the Applebees on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth and were cheering on the San Francisco 49ers, when a fan of the New Orleans Saints became offended…

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Fatal Shooting in North Georgia


A 59-year-old man walked into a crowded hospital waiting room in North Georgia last Friday and killed his wife and mother-in-law. The shootings happened at Hutcheson Medical Center, about 10 miles from the Tennessee border in Oglethorpe, Georgia. The two victims were identified as 56-year-old Mary Benson of Rossville Georgia and her mother, 76-year-old Charlotte…

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