Q: When Do I Need An Attorney

A: You always need an attorney if you have suffered a serious injured or killed. A serious injury is one that prevents you from doing your normal routine. The activities of daily living are the tasks they perform every day. This includes items such as sleeping, self-care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding, working… Read More

Q: Ten Steps to Take Immediately After a Car, Truck or Pedestrian Accident in Georgia

A: Always call 911 and wait for the emergency personnel. Never rely on anyone else to make this important call. Surprisingly, when there are many people who witness a collision, often nobody will call, believing that someone else has already called. Never leave the site of the collision until after the emergency personnel arrive.

Q: How To Select An Attorney

A: Experience Counts. Find an attorney that has practiced for a number of years. Experience counts in all situations, particularly in litigation. You want an attorney that understands the complexities and nuances of your particular case. The law is not easy to understand, and many cases are mishandled because an attorney lacks the skills, experience or focus to conduct the case appropriately… Read More

Q: Top 9 Issues to Think About Prior to Speaking with an Adjustor

A: You were just injured in an automobile collision, and within hours the insurance company for the other party calls and wishes to speak with you. What should you do? Every situation is unique. However, these are some guidelines to help you decide what you should do. Be skeptical. While the adjustors appear friendly and nice, this is done to reduce your level of suspicion.