When Do I Need An Attorney?

You always need an attorney if you have suffered a serious injured or killed. A serious injury is one that prevents you from doing your normal routine. The activities of daily living are the tasks they perform every day. This includes items such as sleeping, self-care, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding, working, homemaking, exercise, visiting with friends, shopping, playing with the children, attending church, movies, etc. and play or leisure. It also includes sleeping. A serious injury is one in which your ability to perform those tasks is impossible or difficult, for a long time period.

A serious injury will also require multiple doctor visits, including visits to your family physician, physical therapist, chiropractors, as well as specialty doctors including neurologist and orthopedic surgeons.

Sometimes, you may not know how serious your injuries are immediately, however, most of the time, you will know within eight weeks of the crash. If you are still having the same problems as you did immediately after the injury, then you likely will need the assistance of an injury attorney to get your case resolved.

Likewise, you will always need an attorney in the event that someone you love has died due to the wrongdoing of another person or company.

However, if your injuries are limited to being sore for just a few days, cuts and bruises that heal quickly, limited to just a few doctor visits, then you likely do not need a lawyer. In Georgia, a plaintiff is able to recover upon to $15,000 in the magistrate court.

Many folks do not need an attorney’s assistance when it comes to getting car repairs. Of course, in the event that your vehicle is greatly damaged, and you are seriously injured, you may in fact require an attorney’s assistance. Likewise, commercial vehicles and specialty vehicles may require additional work.

You may need attorney when it is time to settle a dispute, particularly if the amount of the suit exceeds $10,000. Many times, the insurance companies place undue burdens on our client in their settlement documentation – in other words, there are many forms to fill out. An experienced attorney can guide you through the paperwork and avoid any pitfalls.

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