Young Man Recuperates from Hit and Run in Clayton County

Categories: Car Accidents

Hit and run accidents can be devastating to a family. Maurice Freeman, 16, was walking to school last October 11 when he was hit by a car while crossing Georgia Highway 54 in Clayton County. The driver didn’t stop, and police have not solved the case.

Instead of attending high school with his peers, Maurice undergoes physical therapy to repair the damage to his body. The car’s impact left him with a broken skull, back, tailbone, and pelvis. He also suffered a lacerated kidney and blood around his brain. He recently was diagnosed with a dangerous growth on his spine.

Although he is now walking with only one crutch, and has made an amazing recovery, the family is still overwhelmed with medical bills. Maurice is trying to work at home so he can finish high school with his peers. His mother, Erica Browning,  hopes a witness to the accident will come forward.

The accident occurred between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m., October 11, on Ga. 54 between the Quick Trip at Tara Boulevard and Mundy’s Mill High School. If you have any information, please call the Clayton County police at 770-473-3983 and ask for Officer John Flaherty.

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