Wrongful Death in Atlanta : 4 Types of Eligible Persons for Bringing a Wrongful Death Case

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Wrongful death claims in Atlanta are a unique subset of personal injury law because the injury on behalf of the client is primarily focused on the loss of contributions pertaining to the person who was killed.

Wrongful death claims do not seek to evaluate death or an individual’s life as a whole—because there is no character trial in a wrongful death case .  

In actuality, the case aims to provide recompense for the people who have lost the benefits of a loved because of another party’s negligence .  

The value of the life lost in a wrongful death claim , in other words, is the true value of the life to the person bringing the claim.

So who are the persons eligible for bringing a wrongful death claim in Atlanta ?

The answer is simple: The victims who have standing to bring a wrongful death case in Georgia must be married, related, or legally tied to the deceased. 

Here are 4 Types of Eligible Persons for Bringing Wrongful Death Claims :

  • The surviving spouse, who must share awards with surviving children.
  • Surviving children, if no spouse exists.
  •  The parents of the deceased, if no spouse or children exist.
  • The administrator of the estate, but only on behalf of the next of kin.

The wrongful death attorneys at Krause Law Firm work with families who are processing grief, shock, and sadness in order to create new hope.  Our firm recognizes the tragedy of wrongful death and remains a source of solace for grieving clients who are prepared to file a claim.

Please call our office at Krause Law Firm in Atlanta, GA immediately after the death of a loved one so our team team of experienced attorneys can begin a solid, effective case for YOU and the additional survivors of your situation.

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