When To Contact a Brain Injury Lawyer

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Brain Injury Lawyer

Too many people suffer from traumatic brain injuries every year. While many of the situations surrounding the TBI are accidental, there is often somewhere to seek compensation. Whether you or a loved one has experienced hospitalizations, long-term disabilities, death or other issues related to TBI, you might want to contact a brain injury lawyer like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm. When should you call?

When the Injuries Are Quite Severe

If you get a concussion after falling off a bike, and your doctor thinks you’ll be back at it in a couple of months, you probably wouldn’t file a lawsuit against the individual who caused the fall. However, if you fell down a cliff, ended up in a coma, and woke up to TBI, you could have significant damages that require a lawsuit against the responsible party. The more severe the injury, the more you can receive in compensation.

When an Insurance Company Is Being Difficult

Not many people enjoy working with insurance companies because insurers are always looking for ways to save money. Maybe the insurance company is denying your claim altogether. Maybe they are trying to talk you into a lower settlement. In any case, getting a lawyer involved could be just what you need to get what you deserve. If it still doesn’t go well, your lawyer might recommend taking the case to court. In that situation, your lawyer could represent you.

When Liability Is Hard To Prove

It’s not always obvious who was at fault for an accident. If you or a loved one is suffering from TBI, there could be some confusion about the accident as well. Your lawyer can help you find the evidence needed to prove that liability. For example, if your child was hiking with a friend and the friend got mad and pushed him or her over the side of the mountain, there may not be a whole lot of evidence to show what happened, but your lawyer could possibly dig some up.

When You Can’t Estimate the Damages

It’s not that easy to estimate damages, especially if they’re not quantifiable. For example, it’s easy to add up medical bills and lost wages, but how do you put a price tag on emotional harm? How much should you seek for having to deal with PTSD? Your lawyer can work to help you come up with a close estimate to include in your lawsuit.

Contacting a Lawyer for Assistance

If you or a loved one is dealing with TBI, it can be hard on the whole family. Contact a brain injury lawyer today so you can get the assistance you need.