Trucking Accident in Atlanta, Georgia

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In Dekalb County, Georgia, a truck carrying boxes of chemicals lost control and rolled over at the intersection of Redan Road and South Indian Creek Drive.  The truck lost traction while making a turn in front of a Chevron station because its load had shifted, making it unstable. Curiously, a PT Cruiser then tried to drive through the roof of the truck and ended up wedged in the truck. A third vehicle was wedged up against the roof that peeled of the box truck. Five people were taken to area hospitals as a result of this accident.

Drivers need to use caution and give trucks plenty of room when they are trying to turn. Large trucks can be particularly hazardous on the road, especially if the load inside them shifts. In this case, the truck was carrying chemicals and the accident happened right in front of a gas station, making the situation potentially very hazardous.

Georgia is home to more than a dozen large trucking companies and there are many trucks on Georgia’s roads.  More than 200 fatal accidents per year involve trucks.

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