Tragic Death of a 911 Operator in Atlanta, Georgia

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In a terrible irony, a woman whose profession was helping people in emergency situations was killed recently here in Atlanta when she found herself at a crime scene.  Nikita Thomas, a 911 Supervisor for the Atlanta Police Department, was a passenger in a car involved in a robbery, and died of a gunshot wound.  Ms. Thomas was riding in an automobile driven by DeMetris Terrell.  She was shot when robbers approached the car.  Mr. Terrell then crashed the car into a nearby MARTA bus while trying to get away from the scene.  Ms. Thomas’ 13-year-old son was in the back seat, but was not seriously injured.  Ms. Terrell had been with the Atlanta Police Department since 2002.

In situations like this, Krause Law Firm can help the bereaved family by advising them as to how to file a wrongful death action and by maximizing recovery against all parties at fault.  Crime victims may also be eligible for assistance from the State of Georgia Victims’ Compensation Fund.