Things That Can Cause an Accident in a Construction Zone

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How Construction Accidents Happen - Metal worker in factory grinding metal of pipeline

Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction jobs are highly dangerous professions. There are constant hazards that you have to navigate, and one mistake can threaten your life. Accidents can happen for various reasons. Unfortunately, some companies do not always consider the safety of their staff. In other cases, an accident can be caused by a negligent worker. If you are in need of a construction accident lawyer to advocate for you, don’t hesitate to learn about your legal options. There are a number of things that can cause an accident in a construction zone. 


Workers in construction zones often have to work at great heights. However, accidents can happen due to faulty tools, such as scaffolding flaws and defective ladders. Many construction workers suffer moderate to severe injuries such as brain damage, fractures and broken limbs. Even if a worker doesn’t fall from a great height, they can still suffer serious injuries. A worker can fall and strike their head on the ground. Fall accidents are especially dangerous because the victim may not notice symptoms, causing their injury to worsen.


Construction sites are places where controlled demolitions frequently occur. There are also many flammable materials there. If they are not handled carefully according to safety guidelines, an explosion can occur. Explosions can cause injuries and complications such as burns, tissue damage, disfigurement and loss of limb. 

Chemical Exposure

Construction workers are exposed to many types of hazardous materials on a routine basis. Toxic fumes and corrosive materials can lead to serious illnesses and health conditions. When workers are exposed to these things on a daily basis, they are vulnerable to developing health problems early. 

Machinery Accidents

Heavy machinery can be incredibly dangerous to work with. They are heavy and made of many moving parts. If those parts malfunction, it can cause serious issues that can endanger a worker’s life. Workers can get their limbs caught in between gears, resulting in nerve damage, tissue damage, or broken bones. Machinery should be thoroughly inspected so that even the smallest issues such as defects can be caught to prevent accidents. 

If you have suffered a serious injury in a construction zone, whether as a worker or passerby, a trusted construction accident lawyer can guide you throughout your case. They will examine your case to see if it’s valid, and explain your legal rights. As a victim, you may be entitled to compensation.