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Many ride a bus on an almost daily basis, whether it is to get back and forth to work, transport children to school, or get to their destination. Other people choose bus transportation if they are going on vacation. Many organizations own and use buses for transportation of members for outings and recreational trips. With so many people choosing this mode of transportation, the number of bus accidents that happen in this country has been increasing each year. While every accident case is different, it is important for victims to know the difference when it is a privately-owned bus or if the bus was owned by a government entity. A SEPTA accident lawyer can help.

Unlike car accident claims, bus accident claims for victims who have been injured can become complex, especially if the owner of the bus is a government entity, like a city bus. A lawyer can be successful in obtaining the financial compensation the victim deserves and understand the special legal rules that apply to these types of accident cases.

Bus Accident Claim Process

The first thing that needs to be established when someone is injured in a bus accident is whose fault was the crash. It is not uncommon for an injured bus passenger to not actually realize how the crash happened. Many passengers on buses are often engaged in other activities while on the bus, such as listening to music or reading. Witnesses of the crash can help provide details, as can any police investigation reports. A lawyer can obtain all of this information as they conduct their own investigation of the accident.

The lawyer will also need to determine what entity or company owns the bus. Was the bus owned by a private bus company (such as a charter bus), or an organization (such as a church or senior center)? The entity that owns the bus will help determine what type of liability insurance there is on the vehicle.

If the bus is owned by a municipality or other government entity, there may is often a different procedure, as well as a different statute of limitations that must be followed.

Personal Injury Lawsuit 

If you or a family member has suffered injuries in a bus accident, you are likely entitled to financial damages for the losses you have suffered due to those injuries. Depending on the extent of your injuries, all of your medical expenses for treatment of the injuries, lost wages from being unable to work while you recover, pain and suffering, permanent disability, scarring, and emotional anguish are some of the damages accident victims can pursue.

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