Our law firm represents people throughout Atlanta who are rape victims and victims of sexual assault. Rape victims not only suffer physical injuries but also deal with emotional and psychological wounds. If you have been raped, it is important to contact an experienced Atlanta crime victim injuries lawyer to assist you and to explain all of your legal options. Many rape victims not only play an integral role in helping the rapist get criminally punished, but it is also possible to be compensated for the pain and losses you have endured.

Negligent Acts Committed in Atlanta Rape Cases

Oftentimes, incidences of rape could have been prevented if the proper safety procedures and precautions were in place and actively enforced. Rape can occur at many different locations and under various circumstances. A rape can occur while a person is staying in a hotel, to a patient receiving treatment in a medical facility, while a tenant is entering her residential building, when an employee is at work, or while a person is walking to her car in a company’s parking lot. Rape or sexual assault can be linked to a business or corporation’s failure to:

  • Have adequately trained security personnel on the premises
  • Perform background checks on employees
  • Fix or secure safety locks, security cameras, or other aspects of the security system
  • Implement proper safety procedures after reported incidences of violence or criminal activity on or near the premises

Civil Lawsuits for Rape Victim’s Injuries

If you have been the victim of rape or sexual assault, you have the right to bring a lawsuit in civil court seeking compensation for your injuries. Receiving a settlement or favorable court verdict may also lead to a change in policies and security conditions that could prevent the lives of others from being in danger. By evaluating your case, we can inform you of the compensatory damages available and the effective litigation strategies we use to help our clients get the justice they deserve.

Free Consultation with an Atlanta Rape Victim’s Injuries Lawyer

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