Pharmacy Errors

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Sometimes pharmacists mix-up over-the-counter medicines with prescription medicines.

The FDA warns of just such a problem at the Novartis AG manufacturing plant in Nebraska, according to the Wall Street Journal from January 10, 2012. Pharmacy errors are all too common. A diabetic is prescribed heart a medication. Birth control pills are replaced with anti-anxiety medication. These types of errors can be deadly.

In one case we handled, a prescription error resulted in our clients’ colliding into a stationary object and in a three-day hospital stay. The problem was due to a pharmacist providing the wrong medication to our client.

When the mix-up happens at a drug manufacturing plant it compounds the problems.

Some in the industry have attempted to reduce the number of pharmacy errors by describing what the pill looks like on the pharmacy insert. This is a good idea. One should also check that the number of pills corresponds to the number of pills specified on the label. In the event of any confusion, you should immediately contact your pharmacist and healthcare provider.

In the event that you were injured due to a pharmacy mix-up, please contact the attorneys at Krause Law Firm.

Source: The Wall Street Journal