Laws that protect Nursing Home Residents

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Nursing Home Lawyer

Nursing Home Abuse Laws

There are federal and state nursing home laws that regard nursing home abuse. These laws are in place to help ensure facilities provide high-quality care to residents, that is safe and nurtures their overall wellbeing. 

  • The ability to file lawsuits if they are mistreated
  • The right to a safe living space free of abuse
  • The right to participate in decisions regarding their care
  • Families and nursing home residents need to know their rights early on. This can help prevent abuse or ensure it is addressed before it causes long-term harm.

When you hire a lawyer for help with a nursing related legal claim, they will be able to educate you on how these laws may affect the outcome of your case.

Nursing Home Lawyers

Following an initial report of nursing home abuse to the local authorities, it may be in your best interest to contact a lawyer.

A nursing home lawyer will be able to help you be compensated and ensure that staff involved in the abuse case are held responsible. Your claim may even indirectly help to uncover underlying patterns of abuse toward other nursing home residents.

In some cases, other victims who worked with nursing home abuse lawyers have received millions of dollars.For example, the family of a woman with dementia who died weeks after staying in a nursing home. The jury in the case determined the nursing home was responsible for her death. Her family received over a million dollar settlement in 2019 with the legal representation of a nursing home lawyer

Compensation will help pay for damages and other expenses such as:

  • Funeral costs
  • Hospital stays
  • Other expenses that stem from the abuse
  • Lawyers may also secure punitive damages, which is extra money the abusers must pay for the harm they caused.

With the guidance of a skilled nursing home lawyer, the daunting challenge of taking a nursing home or assisted living facility to court becomes less difficult. They will work to define the specific needs of your case and represent you with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Nursing home abuse attorneys

A nursing home lawyer will work to gather evidence that will be used to build a legal claim, file the claim while meeting state requirements, and work to win the highest amount of compensation possible. A nursing home lawyer should serve as an advocate for you and your loved one and do their best to get justice by holding the facility and staff members accountable. 

Seek Legal assistance

If you believe your loved one has been neglected and deprived of quality care, and now has bedsores as a result of that neglect while residing in a NJ nursing home, consider contacting a nursing home lawyer for immediate legal assistance. Cohen and Cohen Attorneys specialize in this area of law and are familiar with state-specific laws pertaining to assisted living facilities.