What Attorneys Seek in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Life can be lot of fun and fulfillment to enjoy, especially during these summer months, until something traumatic happens… resulting in a fatality.

When it is determined that someone is responsible for a the loss of a person’s life, a wrongful death claim can be filed.

A wrongful death claim against a person who is allegedly liable because of a willful act, a wrongful act or plain negligence can be filed by: 

– surviving relatives
– dependents or
– surviving beneficiaries 

Those who file a wrongful death claim may be entitled monetary compensation due to damages and loss of life.

Wrongful death law suits are typically filed in a civil court within the statute of limitations, which different from state to state and are governed by a personal civil injury cases.

Here’s what attorneys typically seek in wrongful death lawsuit:

1. An immediate expense right after the victim’s death (for hospitalization and funeral expenses)
2. The loss of the victim’s anticipated earnings for the future until retirement or death
3. Loss of benefits caused by the victim’s death
4. Loss of inheritance caused by the victim’s untimely death
5. Pain and suffering, including mental anguish by the survivors
6. Loss of care, protection and companionship by the survivors
7. General and punitive damages

When filing this type of claim, wrongful death charges can not only be brought against responsible individuals. Claims can also be filed against public agencies, city or state departments, state prisons & county jails, state & private hospitals, schools, public companies, nursing homes, etc.

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