7 Steps to Follow After a Car Accident

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Being involved in a car accident can be traumatic for many people, especially if you are  seriously injured. In many instances, auto accidents can leave you in shock or in a confused state of mind when it comes to knowing how to handle the situation.

At Krause Law Firm our team of attorneys in Atlanta want to ensure you take the appropriate measures if you have been affected by a recent accident with another driver or passengers.

By following these 7 simple steps Krause Law Firm has listed for victims of auto collisions, your recovery from the damage and/or your injuries can be less of hassle for you and others who were involved.

7 Simple Steps to Handling a Car Accident

1. Go see your doctor , chiropractor or other healthcare provider. Receiving medical attention shortly after your accident is important, even if your injuries are minor, or if you weren’t even sure whether you were hurt.

2. Try your best to recall everything that happened, and write it down. Documenting all the details about what happened will be helpful for your police report, insurance company, and most importantly “your side of the story.” Many times drivers who are at fault can be guilty of fabricating their account of the incident, which can end up putting you at fault for the accident! Be sure to write down even the smallest of details: the weather, the time, your exact location, etc.

3. Call your insurance company after you’ve contacted the police. It is vital that your insurance company is notified shortly after your car accident . This will help expedite the process of your claim. Postponing this call can in turn delay your quote for damage, your rental car (if necessary), and even reimbursement to the healthcare facilities whom are treating your for your injuries.

4. Take several pictures. Most people have cameras on their cell phones, so be sure use this technology to your advantage following your auto collision. Be sure to take pictures of the exact location where the crash took place, the damage to your car as well as any skid marks, road signs, and even your injuries (if they are visible).

5. Pick up your police report as soon as you know it is available. Having proper documentation in hand will only accelerate the claims process for your insurance companies, medical providers and your attorneys, should this evolve into a legal matter.

6. Contact your employer or an office colleague if you are unable to make it to work. Your injuries from your accident may be so severe that you are unable to work because you are being hospitalized, because you are in too much pain to drive, or because your car is not operable. In either of these situations, it is definitely important to inform at least one of your coworkers about whether you are able to make it into the office.

7. Contact your attorney as soon as you are able. Car accidents frequently evolve into legal claims , especially when the amount of damage to your car is astronomical, the cost of your medical bills may not be covered by your insurance (or the other driver), and even if your employment or psychological health is affected by your recent collision.

At Krause Law Firm we want to help you get through this difficult time as seamlessly as possible. By following these 7 easy steps and contacting one of our experienced attorneys regarding your auto accident , you can spend less time worrying about what to do next, and more time getting back to your daily routine.

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–The K&W Legal Team