7 Reasons to Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney TODAY

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If you are struggling to cope with the death of a family member, the added weight you feel from knowing the death was caused by someone else’s negligence can be overwhelming. The thought of hiring a lawyer to help you with a wrongful death claim may seem unimportant right now, but a wrongful death attorney can lighten your burden by bringing justice and financial compensation to the situation.

A wrongful death claim is a claim brought against someone who may be liable for a death, do to some form of negligence. For example, a drunk driver who crashes into and kills another driver or innocent bystander may be held liable for that death in a wrongful death claim. In most cases, the lawsuit is began by a close family member or spouse. A wrongful death claim is usually filed to help a family with loss of income and to pay for funeral expenses, but can also be used to bring justice to a party for gross negligence.

Not convinced whether you may need a lawyer for your case?

Here are 7 reasons to Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney :

(1) Wrongful Death cases have a lot at stake (hospital bills, funeral costs, lost income, mourning time, justice, etc) and should not be left to chance.
Your situation is important – very important! You want to consult with an attorney who has experience and success with similar claims. A family law attorney might be able to handle the case, but you are better off with a lawyer who has experience in this area of law.

(2) There are no fees if you don’t receive a settlement. With a contingency fee agreement (which is how most personal injury attorneys get paid), you do not need to pay attorney fees unless they get you money. This gives attorneys like us a great incentive to do our best work with your case.

(3) It will save you time and can yield the best possible results for your claim.
After a death in the family, you have a lot to do and cope with– Hiring an attorney can save a lot of time and stress. Your lawyer can take over the legal day-to-day tasks, and an experienced wrongful death attorney can bring the results you need. The last thing you want to do during this difficult time in life is have to learn and research the settlement and claim process for wrongful death situations. An effective wrongful death attorney will take care of this for you so you can spend most of your time dealing with the situation at hand and all the emotions involved.

(4) If there is some mystery in the case, wrongful death attorneys have the ability to research and find the answers. If you are having trouble proving that your family member’s death was caused by someone else, we can help by hiring a forensic specialist or investigator, which is one less thing for you to worry about. In addition to research capabilities, experienced attorneys have the network access to sound advice and consultation from attorneys and resources, such as estate attorneys and family attorneys, offering you the most comprehensive and results-oriented case possible. We also commit to a fair division of claims to all parties involved.

(5) Wrongful death attorneys offer objectivity and direction towards resolution.
Death can lead to anger, guilt, sadness, and a myriad of other emotions that can overpower your best and worst judgment. We care for and attempt to understand our clients, but we also do not allow emotions to get in the way of logical decisions in a claim. We offer direction towards resolution because we understand that wrongful death cases can carry with them the demand of a drawn out case that can consume and overwhelm any “normal” person just trying to learn how to deal with their recent loss.

(6) Settlements are usually higher with the aid of an experienced wrongful death attorney . While we know no amount of money can compensate you for the death of a loved one, we also understand that a death in the family can cause financial hardship and the person responsible should be held liable for costs and losses. Statistically, those with attorneys receive higher settlements in personal injury claims than those without attorneys.

(7) We are fully prepared to go to trial if necessary. While a trial might seem scary, sometimes it’s the only way to receive a fair judgment. An experienced and successful wrongful death attorney will be willing to take your case all the way to trial, if necessary, to get you the money and justice your situation deserves.

Here’s how you get started: Filing a wrongful death claim can be hard on you, but it is often the best way to help your family recover financially after a death caused by someone else’s negligence. Consider hiring a wrongful death attorney if you need justice, closure and compensation after the death of a loved one in or near the counties surrounding Atlanta , Georgia.

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