3 Misconceptions About Wrongful Death Cases

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Our experienced attorneys at Krause Law Firm based in Atlanta , Georgia represent clients in cases involving wrongful death all over Georgia, especially in the Alpharetta area.

Our Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorneys want to expose the common misconceptions about wrongful death litigation, including the following:

— There cannot be a wrongful death lawsuit if the negligent party is brought up on criminal charges. This is not true. Many people believe that if the person or people responsible for a loved one’s death faces criminal charges, a wrongful death suit cannot also occur. A wrongful death lawsuit is filed in civil court and therefore not dependent on or impacted by criminal court proceedings. Either way, a person should always seek advise from a wrongful death attorney about the case at hand.

— The insurance company will provide a fair settlement. This is not always true, especially if death is involved in the accident – considering these cases are more complex with all the losses involved. It may seem like a good idea to trust the insurance company to do the right thing, but in fact it is not. In reality, the insurance company’s goal is to provide a quick settlement that is in their client’s best interest. A qualified wrongful death law firm offers the best chance for you to receive a fair settlement in a wrongful death claim. The earlier you decide to contact a wrongful death attorney, the better – especially if a number of other people or insurance companies are involved in the settlement.

— A wrongful death lawyer is not necessary. This is perhaps the most damaging misconception surrounding wrongful death litigation. The laws pertaining to wrongful death in Georgia are quite complex and best interpreted by an experienced wrongful death lawyer. It is always a good choice to at least speak with a qualified wrongful death attorney before proceeding forward in your wrongful death situation.

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