How to Determine Whether You Have a Wrongful Death Claim

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How do you know if you may actu–ally  have a wrongful death claim ?

Our attorneys at Krause Law Firm take a closer look at who can bring a claim and which claims can be brought against someone or a business within our state of Georgia–

The cause of action, according to ” wrongful death in Georgia” was brought about by the legislature. This is sometimes referred to as a “statutory cause of action” or a claim that is governed by a “statutory scheme.”

In other words a claim must have a death caused by negligent, reckless, intentional or the criminal acts of another person or business. The accused wrongdoer in this situation may also be referred to as the “tortleasor” for the type of conduct to prove in court.

Since wrongful death in Georgia is governed by a statute, there is a strict statutory order with respect to who can bring the claim for the value of the deceased person’s life.

A surviving spouse is typically the first one in line. If the deceased was not married the surviving children would be next in line for the claim. If there is no surviving spouse and children, the parents of the person who died become next in line. If there are no parents  then at this point the next qualified person to file a claim moves down to the estate executor, and any damages recovered will go to the next of kin.

Deadlines for Georgia Wrongful Death Claims (Statute of Limitations):
This statute provides any one eligible up to TWO YEARS from the date of the deceased’s death to bring the claim.

In a wrongful death case pinpointing the burden of proof is the responsibility the Plaintiff, or the party bringing the claim. This is necessary in order to prove the element of his/her case by what our legal system calls, “a preponderance of evidence.” In other words this imply means your proof of evidence must have a “greater and heavier weight” than that of the opposing party.

Georgia’s progressive wrongful death statute states that the value of a human life is to be viewed and valued from the perspective of the deceased. That means the awarding of damages by a judge to a wrongful death case will based on the value of a person’s life to himself/herself. The victim’s estate also holds the claim for any medical bills, conscious pain and suffering prior to death, PLUS the funeral expenses (all subject to state income taxes). The “full value of the life of the deceased”  refers to the economic earnings the deceased would have been making throughout his lifetime.

The Process:
The person bringing a wrongful death claim will have to realistically expect to spend time talking to lawyers, gathering information or evidence from the victim’s personal life, and possibly attending legal proceedings such as deposition hearings and trials.

Hiring the right attorney for claims like wrongful death is really the key to a smooth process for settling your claim. Experienced lawyers like those of us on the K & Legal team can provide realistic advice up front, based on merits and complexity of the case, as well as what a likely jury verdict would if litigated.

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