Hotels have a duty to protect their guests from dangerous conditions on the premises. When appropriate safety measures are not implemented, it increases the probability of accidents and injuries occurring. The personal injury attorneys of The Krause Law Firm represent people who have been injured in hotel accidents. You have a right to request compensation for your injuries if you were harmed due to the hotel’s negligence.

Hotel Negligence and Premises Liability

Hotels are commercial businesses that invite people to stay on their premises and use their facilities. Therefore, hotels have an obligation to provide a safe environment. When the hotel fails to address repairs that need to be made or fall short of fulfilling their obligation to protect their guests, they are engaging in negligent conduct. When guests and visitors are injured under these circumstances, the hotel is liable. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys have won cases and negotiated substantial financial settlements for our clients in these types of cases.

Causes of Hotel Accidents

If any of the facilities or equipment is defective, the hotel is required to prevent the guests from having access to them. The hotel is also supposed to have security measures in place that will prevent the guests from being crime victims. The causes of hotel accidents and crimes are:

  • Wet and slippery floors
  • Dim lighting
  • Rails not included on staircases
  • Defective elevators
  • Defective escalators
  • Unsafe conditions in and around the swimming pool
  • Defective smoke detectors
  • Negligent security officers
  • Safety measures not enforced
  • Failing to perform criminal background checks on employees


Types of Injuries in Hotel Accidents

There is a wide spectrum of accidents, injuries, and crimes that can occur in a hotel. The type of accident a guest has on the property will determine the nature of injuries.

Some of the injuries and crimes that can occur in hotels are:

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