Fall Injuries – Private vs. Public Property

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Slip and Fall Lawyer

When people are not resting in their own homes, they are usually standing on public property or on private property which is owned by someone other than themselves. When slips or trips lead to fall-related injuries on property that is not one’s own, an injury victim may have strong grounds upon which to file a personal injury lawsuit. “Premises liability,” which is the legal subsection of personal injury law that governs property-related injuries, operates a little differently depending upon whether the injury in question occurred on private or public property.

Falls on Private vs. Public Property

As an experienced slip and fall lawyer – including those who practice at Wieand Law Firm, LLC – can confirm, premises liability is a complex area of law. Therefore, you’ll want to speak with an attorney who has experience with these kinds of cases before deciding whether you want to pursue legal action.

If your fall occurred on private property, you’ll likely be able to hold the property owner or manager accountable if certain criteria are met. Generally speaking, property owners must have had knowledge of a danger on their property (or they should have known about the danger) and failed to address it. Falls on residential property are treated a little differently than falls on commercial property, as a lawyer will be able to clarify for you in greater detail.

If your fall occurred on public property, you’ll want to speak with your attorney about where you were when you fell and what the circumstances were that led to your fall. It is possible to hold a federal, state, or municipal government responsible for such injuries. However, there are broad notice requirements and other special challenges that apply to falls on public land. An attorney will be able to clarify how these issues will apply to your situation.

Legal Options for Slip and Fall Victims

If you have taken a fall on either public or private property after slipping or tripping as a result of a dangerous condition on that property, it is a good idea to explore your legal options. Scheduling a risk-free consultation won’t obligate you to take legal action against a property owner or manager. Exploring your legal options will simply allow you to benefit from personalized legal guidance offered by an attorney who has extensive experience handling premises liability cases. This process helps to ensure that injury victims can make informed decisions about their legal options in a risk-free environment.

As you may be entitled to significant compensation at this time and most attorneys offer their risk-free consultations for free, you have nothing to lose by exploring your legal options save for a little bit of your time and effort.