Emotional Responses to Unexpected Loss

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A sudden and unexpected death is the most stressful experience that anyone must endure.

Common feelings include: guilt, depression, anger, bitterness, and anxiety. Some even feel some sense of relief. Others feel suicidal. Almost every aspect of the survivors’ life is impacted.

So, how should one deal with this pain, anger, guilt, etc.?

  1. Be patient and kind with yourself.
  2. Make time to deal and confront your feelings.
  3. Go for walks.
  4. Learn to set appointments with yourself to worry and grieve, and then, take a break from the worry and stress.
  5. Get help. This is not a normal situation, and getting help and support is the healthy and reasonable next step. Many church or religious organizations have grief support groups.
  6. Watch out for suicidal thoughts, obsession and planning. Get help if these feelings continued.

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