Common Slip and Fall Injuries 

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Common Slip and Fall Injuries 

After being in a slip and fall accident many people find themselves seriously injured. In fact, falls are a leading cause of emergency room visits in the United States. When a slip and fall accident happens there can be lost wages, loss of productivity, or even in severe cases loss of life. With how many Americans experience this pain it can be easy to see why a slip and fall attorney is needed. 

If you were injured you are likely going to have to answer what feels like a million questions. Those questions though are going to help you determine what can come out of your case. Keep reading to learn more about slip and fall injuries and what you can do about them. 

Understanding Common Slip and Fall Injures 

With nearly 12% of injures out f the eight million emergency room visits each year, it is safe to say that slip and fall accidents are pretty common. When you have an accident like this there is a five percent chance that you are going to break a bone. The most common cause of brain injures and hip fractures are related to slip and fall injures. As you can see there can be some serious damage done to the body when things like this happen. 

Broken Bones 

When there is too much pressure on the bone it is going to end in a break. Falls can result in enough stressful force on the bones to do this. The most common bones to end up broken are the hip, wrist, and ankle bones. The older you are the more likely you are to break a bone from a slip and fall. However, from a legal standpoint, your health doesn’t matter at the time of the injury. 

Sprained Ankles or Wrists 

While it may not seem like a serious injury at first, these types of injuries can interfere with your life in a big way. Considering that ligaments don’t receive a lot of blood a sprain or strain can take a longer time to heal than other injuries. With these injuries you may not be able to go about normal life, such as cooking, getting dressed on your own, or even walking. This could easily lead to missed work and loss of income. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries 

This seems like it would be unlikely, but the truth is they are common with slip and fall accidents. A traumatic brain injury can happen even if you don’t hit your head. When the brain receives a jolt without direct impact you can face serious harm and not even know. When this injury is left untreated you can be in serious pain for months or even years. 

Slip and fall accidents happen every day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. Contacting a slip and fall attorney. is the best way to see if you have a case and to see if you can get compensation. The team at David & Philpot P.L. has the experience to help you through your case and your options.