Airline accidents are traumatic and often results in serious injuries. Under the most unfortunate circumstances, an airline accident can lead to death. If you were hurt or if a loved one died in an airline accident, you deserve to learn about your rights. It is possible that you are entitled to be financially compensated for your injuries and subsequent losses. We possess the resources and legal expertise to help you pursue the most challenging claims against the parties responsible for the accident.

Factors that Cause Airline Accidents

The causes of plane accidents vary. Pinpointing the particular reasons for an accident usually takes time and effort. There may be multiple factors that need to be investigated in order to determine exactly what led to the accident. Some of the causes for an airline accident are:

  • Malfunctioning aircraft equipment
  • Defective plane design or parts
  • Engine failure
  • Navigation problems
  • Air traffic controller and/or pilot errors
  • Poor weather conditions

Airline Accident Injuries

Rarely does a person survive a plane accident with only minor injuries. Typically, the injuries are severe. The serious airline accident injuries could result in long-term disability requiring extensive medical treatment. Victims of airline accidents should have experienced legal counsel on their side to help them get the compensation they need for the expenses. Some of the injuries sustained in airplane accidents are:

Liability in Airline Accidents

There are different parties potentially responsible for an airline accident. We investigate the case to find out if the accident occurred due to the fault of the airplane manufacturer, the airplane pilot, the owner of the airplane or the airline personnel. Sometimes there are multiple parties who did not comply with federal regulations and state laws. We fight to make sure every entity responsible for the accident is held accountable.

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