4 Categories of Wrongful Death Cases Filed in the U.S.

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In many wrongful death lawsuit cases filed in the U.S., there are four categories which claims typically fall into:

1) negligence
2) carelessness
3) lack of appropriate safety procedures in place
4) insufficient regard for human life/lives

Wrongful death cases we’ve commonly dealt with in the past have been a result of:

. birth injuries
. defective drugs/prescription medications
. medical malpractice
. serious workplace injuries

At Krause Law Firm we are a team of experienced attorneys committed to safeguarding the very basic rights of individuals suffering from injuries caused by medical procedures, birth injuries, burns, paralysis, chronic & permanent injuries or death.

In medical malpractice cases alone, there are more than 100,000 deaths each year allegedly caused by preventable medical errors and procedures caused by doctors and hospitals in the U.S.

While these are the people and facilities who we trust to keep us alive and well, the loss of a loved one because of human error can be devastating, and you have the right to be compensated.
So whether your claim can be resolved without a lawsuit or possibly requires a fight all the way through trial, our firm at Krause Law Firm is highly committed to stand by you every step of the way.

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