3 Basics of Wrongful Death Cases

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Each year, more than 90,000 deaths occur from medical malpractice alone.

At Krause Law Firm we want you to fully understand your situation, so you know your rights as both an American and a potential victim of this type of situation. 

Here are 3 basic pieces of information you should know about wrongful death :

1) The legal definition of wrongful death .The phrase “wrongful death” generally refers to a lawsuit which is filed in civil court between the family of a victim and the person they believe to be responsible for the victim’s death. 

A wrongful death can be defined as either negligent or unjust, based on the actions of one (or more persons) leading to the death of another. 

For example, if the passenger of a motor vehicle is killed in an accident, the driver of the other car or even the car the passenger was riding in could be held responsible for wrongful death , depending on the cause of the accident. 

An example of an unjust wrongful death would be an act of violence or murder. Other examples of wrongful death include medical malpractice, product liability and workplace negligence.

2) The difference between wrongful death and negligence lawsuits .A wrongful death lawsuit is different from a negligence lawsuit because the latter is a case that is filed by the victim. Under common law, a deceased victim is unable to file a lawsuit against anyone, so a member of the victim’s immediate family is typically the person who files a wrongful death case. 

Both negligent and intentional acts could result in liability in wrongful death cases.

3) The main principle behind wrongful death cases . Although the laws surrounding wrongful death cases differ from state to state, they are all the same in principle: 

The accused party may have behaved in a way (or committed an act) that caused the victim’s death, or the defendant could have behaved in a negligent manner which led to the victim’s death. 

The victim’s surviving spouse, family members or dependents in these situations are among those eligible for a monetary settlement. 

As far as settlements are concerned, those filing a wrongful death claim can generally be compensated for medical/funeral expenses, as well pain & suffering and loss of financial support.

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